Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur or self-employed, you have worked hard for what you’ve got.

So make sure your assets end up where you intend.

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Whilst you’re alive and well, you do all you can to protect your family.
But if you were to pass on, or become incapacitated, it’s equally crucial that important decisions are taken by those you trust most and that your assets go to those who you intend to receive them.

At Barnet Wills, we help you to put in place all the necessary safeguards to ensure that your legacy can be enjoyed by your loved ones, and that any tax liability is minimised.

Whether you have a Will or not, it’s worth having a chat.

Making a Will is a matter of vital importance for anyone with dependants so if you have a spouse, a civil partner, children, grandchildren or any other significant relatives, you should already have a Will in place. If you haven’t, we’ll explain the process to you in plain English, so that you are completely in control of what happens to your estate.

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“I thought my Will would be water-tight. How wrong I was! It’s only through speaking to Eli that I realise how much more thought needs to go into it if my wishes really are to be carried out.”
Sam Fine

But even if you’ve already made a Will, it’s worth checking with us that it covers all eventualities, because in our experience, it usually doesn’t.

It’s easy to think that your wishes will be carried out, but life has a habit of throwing in the occasional curve ball, and when it does, your Will probably isn’t flexible enough to deal with it, and it may be too late to change it. As a result, your wishes will never be realised.

To see the kinds of scenarios that will affect how your estate could be allocated, read

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Protect your offspring with Trusts and Asset Planning

At Barnet Wills we offer clear advice and guidance on how various trusts can be used in conjunction with your Will to ensure that your hard-earned assets are fully protected for the benefit of your children and grandchildren.

Every individual’s circumstances and requirements are unique, and there are lots of pitfalls, so it’s important to have people who are both knowledgeable and experienced to help you navigate the best pathway for you.

But whatever your situation, it’s vital that you don’t leave it until it’s too late to act.

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Asset Planning

At Barnet Wills we can utilise a range of trusts in conjunction with your Will, which will ensure that your hard earned assets are fully protected for your children and grandchildren. The type of planning is very much dependent on individual requirements and the value of the estate. There’s no time like the present and your family will benefit from the extra sense of security.

Peace of mind through Lasting Powers of Attorney

No-one expects to suffer from illnesses or injuries that leave us incapacitated and unable to make our own decisions, but the reality is that it happens. So if it does, having an easy, quick means of passing the responsibility on to someone you know you can trust is one of the most sensible decisions you can make now, and it can potentially avoid unnecessary distress, time and costs at a later stage.

And if you have elderly relatives, you could be protecting their interests in the same way, by ensuring that decisions about their health and finances are not taken out of your hands.

Find out more about how Lasting Powers of Attorney can ensure that your and your loved ones’ best interests are served even when you can’t make your own decisions.


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A Wealth of Experience and Expertise – a Bit About Barnet Wills

Whoever you appoint to take care of these sensitive matters, make sure they are suitably qualified, and fully understand the complexities of the legal instruments that govern how decisions are taken, and inherited wealth is allocated.

Barnet Wills was set up by Eli Pressman back in 2012 and Eli has been a professional expert in this field since 1981, having started his work life as an independent financial advisor.

Barnet Wills now has clients across the UK and in many overseas countries (including Spain, USA, Israel and South Africa).

However, most of our clients live and work in North London and the northern Home Counties (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex).

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