I’m often asked why anyone should use a specialist Will Writer to draw up their Will when they know exactly what they want to do. The answer is simple: Not only do I make sure everything is done in a legal manner and that the Will is clear and unambiguous, I also try to ensure all eventualities are thought through. The main value to my clients is that they are actually paying for my advice and experience and for considering those matters which simply would not have occurred to them if they had attempted to write their own Will.

Here’s an example

A widow I saw recently to review her Will has a son and daughter. The daughter is the widow’s principal carer. She lives nearby in a rented flat and can only work part time so that she can care for her mother. Without her daughter’s help the widow would have needed to go into residential care long ago.

The son, who is still close to his mother, has a busy work schedule as well as a family to look after so he sees his mother when he can.

Daughter's care

To show her gratitude the widow wants to leave her house to her daughter and the residue of her estate (modest savings of only a few thousand pounds) to her son.

This is what she told her solicitor and this was what was in the Will he drafted that I was reviewing.

Crystal Ball

Given the widow’s condition it is possible that her mental and physical health deteriorates in the future and she may need to go into residential care. The local authority will have to sell her house to pay for her care fees. If this happens and, in due course she dies, her daughter inherits nothing under the terms of her mother’s Will. This is not what she would have wanted or had in mind.

As a specialist Will Writer I was able to point out the possibility of this scenario and suggested that the Will be worded in such a way that, if at her death she no longer owned a house, then the residuary estate would be divided between her children but with a larger percentage to her daughter. At the same time I was also able to advise that, with a few simple strategies in place, her house might be protected and future care fees might be minimised or eliminated altogether.

People often confuse ‘cost’ with ‘value’. Your Will is quite possibly the most important document you will write in your life. Don’t ever underestimate the value of having it drawn up properly with specialist advice. Saving a few pounds now could cost thousands later.


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