1. You’ve worked hard all your life to save for your retirement. Now that your money has outlasted you, wouldn’t it be great to see how the government divides your assets. Governments always make amazing decisions on behalf of other people.

2. Having a Will is overrated. Why would you deny your family, or loved ones, the opportunity to have a fight over who gets what. They’ve probably been looking for an excuse to not talk to each other anyway.

family infighting

3. It’s a tough decision to decide who will look after your children if you die and should be avoided. It’s much better to let the courts make that decision. We have a good care system so the courts can take their time. Your kids will understand.

4. All solicitors are earning a fortune writing Wills. The rumour that they earn more money representing feuding families in court because there was no Will is simply rubbish.

5. When you write a Will you will appoint executors to carry out your last wishes. This will deny your family the opportunity to debate the merits of burial vs cremation. This is a fun debate and best done when everyone is grieving. Great families thrive on anger and regret. A clear Will undermines this principle.



6. If you write a Will you may set high expectations for your family or loved ones. It’s better to keep them in the dark. Strong families are built on secrets. Dying intestate and pitting your children against each so they can fight it out will toughen them up and prepare them for the real world.

7. If you write a Will and tell your intended beneficiaries how much you’re leaving them, they will probably give up work the next day.

8. When you die (unless you’re the first person to live forever) don’t let your family or loved ones just grieve. It’s so much better to send them on a scavenger hunt through your files and possessions. Imagine the fun they can have fighting over who gets more.

9. If you’re not married, why should your long term partner get anything. It’s fairer that your estranged family get your money instead.

10. People are superstitious. If you write a Will, you’ll almost certainly die soon after. People with a Will are practically uninsurable. Writing a Will, like healthy eating or exercise, is bad for your health.