Many couples, even after speaking with a solicitor or Will writer, opt for making mirror Wills. This usually involves  leaving everything to each other first and eventually to their children or other loved ones. Unfortunately, as I have often stated, their wishes are not always carried out due to lifetime events.

These events are not always unforeseen. More often clients have a “this won’t happen to me” attitude.

One of the main issues I often advise clients about is the possibility of requiring long term care after the death of their spouse or partner. If mirror Wills have been written then, in all likelihood, the local authority will use the assets, including selling the family home, to cover the care fees of the surviving partner.

Another common issue is when, following the death of a spouse, the surviving partner remarries. Firstly, remarriage automatically revokes the previous Will leaving the survivor with no Will. Also, this leaves your assets vulnerable if the second marriage was to end in divorce.


Mirror Wills are not joint. They are two separate documents. In many cases the newly married couple will make new mirror Wills.

In these circumstances, should your partner remarry and die first, their surviving spouse can change their own Will and disinherit your children against their both your, and your dead spouse’s, original intentions. Your children could end up with NOTHING.

This was highlighted recently in the cases of Paul Daniels son, who was disinherited by Debbie McGee, and Lynda Bellingham’s two sons who were also in the media in similar circumstances.

If one of your parents is remarried, this could happen to you. You may be at risk of ending up with nothing.

Perhaps you’re remarried and have children from your previous relationship? Your children may, like Paul Daniels Jr or the Bellingham boys, end up empty handed. Is that really what you want?

Don’t let this happen to you or your family.

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