It’s important to plan your Will.

OK, so you’ve made a Will, but how effective is the planning behind it?

I can’t emphasise strongly enough how important it is for you to make a Will. We all have an idea of where everything we’ve worked so hard for should end up.


There are many dangers for the unsuspecting person which could result in your assets passing into the hands of those not intended to receive them.

You can’t always cover every eventuality and trying to do so can prove to be damaging. It’s crucial to have some careful planning behind the content in your Will.

With a larger estate, you should always take into account the issues of Inheritance tax, as there may be instances where, despite applying exemptions, you may still have a liability.

Having a Will is important, but the planning that you put in behind it is crucial.


If you don’t properly plan how your estate is to be distributed after you die the effect can be as harmful as not having a Will at all.

My advice is not to use a DIY Will kit. You might save a few quid now but that saving could end up costing a lot more in the long run. It’s important to take advice. Advice is sometimes brushed aside and ultimately the families will pay the resulting bills. Usually without complaint and almost always without redress.

The role of the advisor is to help his client benefit his loved ones in the most appropriate way. A good advisor does not serve his client well if he produces a standard draft for signature without taking into account the client’s individual circumstances.


Barnet Wills are more than just Will writers. We are committed to safeguarding your wealth, for your children, grandchildren, or chosen beneficiaries, after you are gone. With a few simple strategies in place your wealth can be protected!

To ensure that that you have the most appropriate and up to date planning in place call Barnet Wills for a free review now on 020 3189 1737 or email us at

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