Millions of pounds in inheritance is going unclaimed every year because solicitors are not taking advantage of modern technology to uncover accounts, policies and shares due to bereaved families.

Figures show that £1.3 billion is currently being held which continues to increase annually.

There is also an estimated £3.65 billion held within NS&I which is yet to be reunited with its rightful owners, much of which is due to beneficiaries of estates.

The total unclaimed in Britain, therefore, currently stands at a staggering £4.95 billion.

This is simply mind-boggling, and potentially life-changing, for some of those bereaved families and beneficiaries to whom it is owed.

Why is that? Some solicitors are simply not using technology that is helping to transform the way assets are located, or conducting the necessary searches to uncover all financial accounts, policies and share certificates due to bereaved families.”

In 54% of searches currently conducted by Inheritance Data, at least one unknown policy is discovered of which the executor was unaware.

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