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At Barnet Wills, the Advice Doesn’t Stop at Wills…

At Barnet Wills, our expertise stretches across a spectrum of personal and business protection topics.

Amongst the other issues we are often consulted about are disputes, property and care fees, and we are happy to offer expert guidance and support in these areas.

How to protect against your Will being challenged to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Your Will is probably not be as watertight as you think as the final wishes of the deceased are being increasingly challenged in court by disgruntled beneficiaries. Poorly drafted Wills and inadequate planning are growing causes of family disputes, especially where step-families are involved. Disappointed beneficiaries often enthusiastically accuse family members of undue influence and fraud. Capacity issues are also more common largely due to an ageing population, the rise in mental health issues, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, and a greater awareness of mental health issues in general.

If you want to make your Will “watertight” you should have a Will Clarity Statement from Barnet Wills. If a dispute is raised after you die, this will make your final wishes more defensible in court and, in most cases, may prevent a challenge being made in the first place.

The final wishes of deceased family members are being contested in court more than ever and the trend looks set to continue. Do you really want to see your loved ones go though this?

This service gives you a voice from beyond.

How you can protect your home against care fees

Many families have seen their inheritance disappearing whilst a family member is paying for care home fees, but there are ways of reducing these costs.

So long as the property is not sold, severing the joint tenancy and creating a Trust with the Wills is a simple, effective and, non-contentious means of being able to plan for future care home fees. For a full explanation visit our blog here

For further impartial advice regarding all aspects of trusts and Wills, call Eli Pressman at Barnet Wills on 020 3189 1737 or email info@barnetwills.co.uk

Inheritance Tax

After you die, your loved may be saddled with a huge Inheritance Tax bill

The introduction of the Residence Nil rate Band is still causing a lot of confusion. Do you know if you are entitled to the additional allowance?

How to correctly sign your Will

Storage of your Will documents

Once your Will has been approved, signed and witnessed, it will need to be kept in a secure place, free from the risk of fire, flood, theft or tampering.

As an additional safeguard, we can arrange for your Will to be stored in an external facility for a nominal annual fee.

For details, contact Eli Pressman at Barnet Wills on 020 3189 1737.

We advise against storing your Will in a bank safety deposit box.

For further impartial advice regarding all aspects of Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and other related issues, call Eli Pressman at Barnet Wills on 020 3189 1737 or email info@barnetwills.co.uk


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